Introduction to Reduction Lino Printing Workshop

Reduction lino printing is a process where the lino block is destroyed during the carving process. Starting with the lightest colour, areas are cut away from the carving material to create the lightest base layer, then a run of prints is taken. The next layer has more cut out from the material, and more prints are taken and so on, and until the final black layer is cut and printed.

In this introduction to reduction lino printing workshop, we will create a basic two colour reduction lino print.

Working with a rose design, we’ll first create the main body colour of the rose, and will print up several different prints of this body.

Once you have created enough prints, we’ll then carve back into that design, to create the detail. The detail print will then be printed on top, to create the final piece.

This workshop is not suitable for beginners. You should already have some experience of lino printing before you take this workshop. If you haven’t tried lino printing yet, then why not have a go at my Introduction to Lino Printing workshop?

This workshop can be booked for parties, work events or individuals. Workshop size should be between 4 and 6 participants.

Please call 0191 645 9500 or email me through my contact form to book.

Cost: £60 per person / Length of workshop: 4 to 5 hours