Finished Craft Project: Bargello Embroidered Chair Seat Cover

A few months ago I bought this fabulous ‘Waves’ bargello kit by the Bargello Sisters and Appletons Wool. I bought the kit from Bargello-A-GoGo who I can thoroughly recommend (no affiliation, just very pleased with the excellent service!).

I absolutely love the colour combination and really enjoyed the relaxing process of slowing down and stitching a row or two each evening. Watching each new row and seeing how the new colour transformed the piece was part of the joy for me.

In total the piece took several months to make, working on it over a few evenings each week. It was a wonderful project to do whilst listening to music or podcasts.

Once the piece was finished, I decided to use it to re-cover an old chair. This is not just any old chair, however! My dad made it back in the 1960s and it eventually came to live with me last year after my parents’ recent house move.

I decided not to paint the chair, and I really think the bargello embroidered cover has made such a difference to it. The chair stands in pride of place in our hallway and has really brightened it up with the lovely splash of colour!

If you would like to learn the art of bargello embroidery for yourself, why not come along to my Bargello Embroidered Mini Wall Hanging Workshop, where you will learn all about this simple stitching form.

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