My third colouring book is out now!

My third colouring colouring book is out now! This book is my second Celtic knotwork colouring book, and is a reflection of the Celtic knotwork that I have been creating over the past three years. The video above takes you through a few pages of the book, there are 52 pages in total, so plenty to keep you going!

Colouring books are a wonderful way to relax, they can help switch off your brain from constant thinking, they spark creativity, and they give you a good break away from social media and our digital devices.

You don’t need to show your colouring book to anyone else, so you can add doodles of your own to the pages, you can colour outside the lines if you want to, you can choose any colour scheme you like. Make it your own creative space that you can escape to.

If you would like to buy the book, it is available worldwide through Amazon.

I would love to see what you create in the book, so please do share your colouring with me, all the details on how to do so are in the book.

Thank you so much for supporting this independent artist!

Happy colouring!

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