Student Showcase: Lino Printed Christmas Crackers

Today I taught a wonderfully festive workshop at The Lodge in Blackhill and Consett Park, where everyone learned how to make lino printed Christmas crackers.

I first taught everyone the basics of lino printing, how to use the tools and materials and also how to print. We then moved on to carving out the holly design, and once that was carved, I gave some more hints and tips on printing the design on to the Christmas cracker bases – including a great tip to print the holly berries!

Whilst the lino printed Christmas crackers were drying, I showed everyone how to make the paper hats to go in to the crackers. Then everyone added washi tape to the crackers for an extra added zing to the decoration.

Finally the crackers were all filled with the cracker snap, the hat, some presents and of course the traditional bad Christmas jokes!

We enjoyed some alcohol free prosecco, cake and mince pies, and Christmas music was playing throughout. We had plenty of great conversations, and it there was a really wonderful vibe in the room.

Thank you so much everyone for coming along, your lino printed Christmas crackers were fantastic. I hope you enjoy using them on Christmas Day!

If you would like to learn the art of lino printing, then come and join me in my studio for an introduction to lino printing workshop.

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