Student Showcase: Celtic Knotwork for Beginners

I was thrilled when the lovely Angela Reed of Creative Calligraphy invited me to teach her regular calligraphy groups how to draw simple Celtic knots as part of their Inspired by Lindisfarne project.

I showed the groups how a basic Celtic knot was formed, and they practiced simple 2×3 and 3×3 knots, before moving on to creating a knot with break lines.

Everyone was so enthusiastic and some absolutely beautiful knots were created, as you can see in the photos above. Well done everyone!

Find out more about Angela’s calligraphy workshops and her groups’ ‘Inspired by Lindisfarne’ project over on Angela’s Creative Calligraphy website.

If you would like to learn how to draw Celtic knots, then come and join me on a workshop in my studio. Find out more on my Celtic Knotwork Drawing for Beginners Workshop page.

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