Student Showcase: Multi Media Journal Making Course, week 1

This afternoon saw the start of my three week multi media journal making course.

Step one was to learn how to carve lino in order to create some hand printed fabric to create the spine of the book.

We went through the basics of lino carving, how to use the tools and materials, practiced some different types of mark making and then learned how to get a good print on to paper first. Then we moved on to carving out a simple, bold lino print, which works well on fabric, and learned how to print on to fabric, for which I personally use a different technique to printing on paper.

Lots of creative fun was had and now we have the decorated material for the spines of our journals.

Next week we’re making the covers, with a fun acrylic paint technique and gelli printing.

If you would like to come on this course, you can book on demand as long as you have at least two people attending. Find out more about the course here.

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