Student showcase: experiments with drypoint printmaking

During the past two weeks in my community art group, we experimented with drypoint printmaking using a Sizzix machine as the printing press. A Sizzix machine is a piece of craft equipment mainly used for die-cutting cardboard shapes, or embossing designs on to cardstock. However, due to the pressure it can exert, it’s also great for using with various printmaking techniques.

We used a really simple process of etching out our designs on to a plastic plate, inking up the plate with water-based blockprinting ink and then printing on to damp paper using the Sizzix machine.

We all had fun with experimenting with how much ink to wipe off the plate, what would happen if we left ink on, trying out different colours in different areas, and seeing how everything would print up. It was a great two sessions, there were no ‘rights and wrongs’, just experiments to see what would work and what we liked.

As you can see from the photos above, everyone had great fun and created some amazing prints! I think we might have to have another play with this method later in the year!

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