Student Showcase: Six week metal embossing course: week 1

Today saw the start of a six week metal embossing course, held in conjunction with Breathing Space at Witton Gilbert.

For this week, everyone worked on creating a metal embossed coaster, using designs that I took along. We started off using a practice piece of metal first, to get used to the tools and materials. Once everyone was happy with the technique, everyone moved on to creating their coaster designs. Working with the metal, they embossed the design, taking time to create the depth and detail that each participant wanted. When that was done we aged the metal to give it a bit more character and finished off the coaster with a felt backing.

Lots of wonderful work was created, as you can see!

Next week the students will begin to work on separate projects, some are bringing their own designs in, some will be using reference material that I shall provide. I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone creates!

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