Studio blog: Sycamore leaf reduction lino print

What’s a reduction lino print? It’s an exciting method of creating a multi-colour lino print. Each colour layer of a reduction lino print is carved and printed from the same lino block, resulting in the lino block being destroyed during the carving process. Starting with the lightest colour, areas are cut away from the carving material to create the lightest base layer, then a run of prints is taken. The next darkest colour sees more cut out from the material, and more prints are taken and printed on top of the first layer and so on, until the final, darkest layer is cut and printed.

In the first photo you’ll see layers one to three laid out from left to right on the top row.
On the bottom left is the result of layer two printed on top of layer one, and then the final print in the bottom middle, where layer three was printed on top of both of these. In the second photo see the full final print.

I designed the print so that the final layer can be used as a lino print on its own, and I think it will look great using the chine collé collage technique too, so I’ll have a play with that soon.

I’ve recorded the whole process, so I will be releasing a long form video on how to create this soon, but in the meantime, here’s a very quick one minute video of the different layers being printed up.

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