Student Showcase: Emma’s Star Shaped Calendar

This week in my community art workshop we created a star shaped desk calendar, and I thought I would show you the beautiful calendar that Emma created.

The decorated pages of the calendar were created with a monoprinting method. I showed everyone a few different techniques and everyone got stuck in and had fun playing!

After an hour or so, we did have to get on to the construction of the calendar, so, putting the inks aside, we put the calendar together and then added the calendar months. Space was left on each page to add a little something – maybe a photo of a memorable day in the month, tickets of an event attended. etc.

It was a fun workshop, and always great to see everyone play with the materials and have plenty of fun!

If you would like to have a go at making this calendar, then I have a free online tutorial on how to make the basic calendar, which includes background papers to download for the calendar base, the calendar months, and also some pocket and envelope templates to add in the spaces.

Take the free tutorial now here.

Have fun!

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