Student Showcase: Carlos’ Star Shaped Calendar

I’m showing off the work of another one of my ‘students’ today!

There’s a bit of a story behind this one! I have been having a weekly Spanish / English language exchange chat with a lovely madrileño, Carlos, for the past 18 months. We’ve got to know each other well over that time, and he was saying he didn’t know what to get his mum as a present for ‘el día de los reyes’. So, as he’d been asking about what I’d taught in my community workshop recently, and I’d showed him the star shaped calendar, and he seemed impressed, I said, why don’t you try to make one for your mum? I sent him the link to my free online tutorial, where he could download everything he needed, and I was really pleased when I got a whole series of pictures and a video back a couple of days later to show me what he’d made. He’s never done any crafts before, and he’s done brilliantly, I’m so proud of him! ? He has said that he’s happy for me to show the world, so here’s the video he made of his calendar!

If you would like to have a go at making this calendar, then the free online tutorial has full details on how to make the basic calendar, which includes background papers to download for the calendar base, the calendar months, and also some pocket and envelope templates to add in the spaces.

Take the free tutorial now here.

Have fun!

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