Student showcase: Floral chine collé lino prints – Arnside

On Sunday I had a fantastic day at the Arnside Educational Institute teaching chine collé lino printing to a wonderfully enthusiastic group, as part of Highlights Rural Touring Scheme.

Chine collé is a fun lino printing technique, combining collage with lino printing and produces some really spectacular results, even with simple lino printed motifs.

This workshop is suitable for beginners to lino printing, and I took everyone right from the basics, from tools and materials that we use, through to carving and printing techniques.

As you can see from the photos above, everyone created such fantastic pieces of work. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo of everyone’s work, but you will get a sense of what everyone achieved from the photos above. It was such a lovely group and a delight to teach everyone.

Thank you so much to Sue and Debbie at Arnside Educational Institute for looking after everyone so well, I can really recommend going along and supporting their community space if you live nearby. I will be running more workshops in conjunction with Highlights Rural Touring Scheme over the coming months, so please either check out their website or my listings page for more details.

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