Student showcase: Metal embossed illuminated monograms with Creative Calligraphy

Over the past two weeks I’ve had a great time with Angela Reed of Creative Calligraphy and her two groups that meet regularly on Thursdays and Fridays. This is part of Angela’s larger Calligraphy and Creative Wellbeing project, that you can read all about on her blog.

In the first week I took everyone through the process of metal embossing and everyone worked on a practice piece to get used to the tools and materials. I then showed everyone how to draw a decorative space filler design for the background of their monograms, which everyone drew themselves. Everyone then made a start on embossing their designs.

In the second week everyone finished their embossing, and then I showed everyone how to add a finish to make the embossing look aged, and how to add colour to get the illuminated look.

As always, it was a real pleasure to work with Angela and her groups, and you can see from the photos that everyone created amazing work. Well done, everyone!

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